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Dr. Isuo was born in Dallas,Texas and raised in Mansfield, TX, after his parents moved from Nigeria to the states for better opportunities. Dr. Isuo spent most of his life playing football, and studied at the University at Texas Arlington in applied Kinesiology with Clinical Application. From there, he went to Parker University to receive his Masters Degree in Neuroscience and his Doctorate in Chiropractic.


Dr. Isuo specializes in a specific and distinct technique called "Hand Alchemy," where he helps in correcting many odd and unfamiliar diagnosis within the scope of chiropractic. Dr. Isuo's mission in life is to serve as many people as possible with the healing art of chiropractic.


From Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, Dr. Isuo has traveled around the world, in many mission trips, to master his technique and help local communities. He loves to serve, having accumulated over 10,000 adjustments in his several years of mission work.

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